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Our Mission

We believe that every woman leaving incarceration deserves a second chance. We strive to fulfill these women's needs as they reintegrate back into society.

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Upcoming Events

Darnice's Place is happy to announce that we are partnering with Hope Foundation for our 2020 Christmas Drive! Our Christmas Drive ensures holiday spirit to families in need. The Christmas Drive hopes to give ten families $25.00 food gift cards. If you are interested in supporting a family, please join us!

Our Programs

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Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

Darnice’s Place will provide mothers with referrals to outpatient treatment and domestic violence programs 

Housing Assistance

Darnice’s Place will provide assistance with locating housing for the women in our program.

Child Reunification

Darnice’s Place will work with each individual mother and the Department of Health and Human Services to assist them with child reunification.

Referral Programs

We provide our clients with referrals to parent and mentoring skills program, drug treatment programs, life skills program, job search/training, and GED classes.

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