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Referral Programs


 Darnice’s Place connects women with different classes to address their problems and develop skills.  It is important to make sure that these women have transportation to go to and from these places. We facilitate their participation in these self-improvement activities.


Darnices's Place teaches life skills both inside and outside of incarcerations, from resume writing, interviewing skills, finances to simple grocery shopping tips. Darnice’s Place makes sure these women have the right life skills. We also do reading and writing tutoring for some of the children to prepare them for school. Many of these children have learning disabilities such as fetal alcohol syndrome.


Darnice's Place provides counseling both in and out of prison.  Many of our staff are qualified on substance abuse to parenting skills. 

Get Involved



Volunteers help women make their appointments by keeping track of schedules and ensure that transportation arrangements are in place. They can also go to meetings with them.




Volunteers can also mentor in skills that they possess. For example, children need simple reading and writing skills, and women would need basic financial skills and simple life skills. These could include a weekly meeting or a one-time event.

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