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Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse


Darnice's Place helps women who need it to get admitted to treatment facilities for substance abuse and/or mental illnesses. Darnice's Place will help women after they leave treatment through placement in, and subsidizing payment for, a supervised, supportive, drug-free living environment.  


Darnice’s Place wants to empower women and let them know their value.  Many of these women have a self-destructive mindset that results in self-harm and alcohol and drug abuse.  Darnice's Place either delivers or refers women to classes to help address psychological trauma and/or substance abuse.

Get Involved

TRACKING - Tracking the people this organization has helped to see if they are clean and sober. 


We want to ensure all their needs are met and that they have not returned to prior bad habits. This is important as we want to guarantee that the women and their children fully recover.


INTERACTION - Going to shelters and supporting women.

These women need mental and material support. We would love to have people go to give donations and meet with these women. This would be empowering, but there is also a risk factor that should be taken notice of. 


FUNDRAISING - Raising money to meet basic needs.


Many of these women need help to first get back on their feet. Therefore donations for the first two weeks of rent at an oxford or transitional house would help them gain some time to find a job themselves.

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